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Paraglider Classes


You can choose to get the classes and the equipment, or you can choose to have classes only, if you already have the equippment:


Includes unlimited classes until P4 rating.

U$ 2.200

Full Package

Includes unlimited classes until P4 rating + Paragliding gear.

U$ 7.000

Paragliding classes are weather-permitting and start with ground-handling at Andy Jackson Flight Park in San Bernardino. Ground-handling, or “kiting” as it is also called, continues until one achieves the skills required to launch a paraglider. The number of classes for kiting really depends on a person’s skills; usually after 3 classes a student is ready to take on the training hill.

The training hill is located at the landing zone of Andy Jackson Airpark in the city of San Bernardino. A student practices launching and landing over a 30-foot elevation difference. Every student is different, but the average time spent on the training hill is about 2 full days of classes.

After the student demonstrates confidence in launching and landing, the next step is a tandem flight with the instructor from the 2000-foot launch. During this tandem flight the instructor will explain the techniques of controlling the glider and the approach path to a chosen landing spot. Once the student is familiar with the launch and approach to the landing zone, he or she attempts the first solo flight. All solo flights are guided from lauch to landing zone by radio contact from the instructor.

When the student has made several successful lauches and landings, the next stage of paragliding classes teaches thermalling and understanding of micro-meteorology. This stage of learning to fly takes the most time, but the instructor is always at the flying site with you to answer any questions and guide you through the techniques of using thermals to maximize your altitude and time in the air.

There is much to learn about paragliding and each person’s goals and interests in the sport vary greatly. As well, people learn at different paces. The cost for paragliding lessons is a flat $2,200, required after the second ground-handling class. This fee includes an unlimited amount of lessons until one attains an advanced rating “P4” in the sport. For the first two months of classes the school will supply all the equipment needed to paraglide: paraglider, harness, reserve parachute, 2-way FM radio, and helmet. During this two months, the student is looking to purchase his or her own equipment for use in the intermediate stages of classes.

Paragliding pilots are tested and certified by the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association, from P1 (beginner) through P4 (advanced). This school provides its students with the training and testing to achieve a level 4 rating.


Tandem Paragliding is the solution for you to get in the air without extensive training. In a tandem paragliding flight, you will experience Paragliding and if you desire, you will even learn to steer the paraglider. 

Tandem Lesson

Minimum of 20 minutes, and will be discounted from you lesson package.

U$ 300

Tandem flight

Tandem Paragliding is something that is impossible to describe with words. The coastal vistas from the cliffs of Palos Verdes and the alpine lakes of San Bernardino mountains are amazing. While paragliding, you get a “birds-eye” view that is not possible in almost any other way. Often on Tandem Paragliding Flights, we fly near the 140 foot cliffs of Palos Verdes. In flights from Mountains we can fly over some of the most beautiful terrain in the So. Cal area.

The tandem paragliding flights and most lessons are within 1 hour of most Orange County. If you have interest in a full paragliding lesson program and learning to fly on your own, please go to my classes page. Tandem paragliding can be a great way to start begin your training either way. Tandem paragliding flights are included and combined with the Unlimited Lesson program.

In a Tandem Paragliding Lesson, the Instructor flies a glider that is built for 2 and can handle over a 500 lb payload. A brief introduction to the techniques necessary and what not to do is done before the flight. This is a same day experience where the instructor manages the safety and the student gets to experience the amazing experience of soaring in a paraglider first hand. The instructor manages the take off and landing, but in the air the student pilot can take control of the brakes and steer the paraglider.

If you are interested in learning to Paraglide, but have not yet fully decided to go for a complete program, a Tandem Flight is one of the best ways to assess this. If you do a Tandem Flight and then decide it is for you, you can apply the lesson fee toward an unlimited package.


Marcello DeBarros

My name is Marcello DeBarros. I am originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. I have lived in California for over 30 years. I started my own paragliding journey in 1992. I have flown all over the world from Hungary and England to Mexico and Brasil and many others. I have been all over the world gaining experiences and knowledge that now I can pass onto my students so that they are able to have the most comprehensive and effective teaching techniques for a fast and safe learning experience.


Watch some videos from our students, tandem and SIV, an advanced training



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